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Resolving Samsung Washer LE Error Code: Troubleshooting Guide

Samsung washer LE error code, With more than a decade of experience producing and marketing washing machines, Samsung has had plenty of time to refine its products. They are renowned for making slickly designed, long-lasting equipment.

Customers who have owned Samsung washing machines for a significant amount of time have given them outstanding ratings. However, if the washer doesn’t have enough water or isn’t installed correctly, the Samsung washer LE error code may still appear. This article will teach you how to resolve this error code, allowing your Samsung appliance to perform flawlessly once again.

Samsung Washer LE Code: What Does it Mean?

Samsung washer LE error code

The LE error code on a Samsung washer denotes an unexpected leak or water drain from the machine’s tank. You will know this has occured if the pressure switch records a four-time decrease in the water level in the drum within a short period. If this occurs, the machine will stop and display an error code of LE on its display.

The LE error code on your Samsung washing machine is probably just a small problem you can handle alone. However, it’s advisable to call a nearby repair shop rather than attempting an at-home remedy if you are unfamiliar with washer repair or appliance parts.

How to Resolve the LE Error Code on a Samsung Washer

The first thing you should do after noticing the  Samsung washer LE code is to try resetting the washer. The LE code could appear because the machine’s control module failed. To reset the washer, disconnect it from the power source and wait for five to 10 minutes before connecting it back.

If this does not resolve the issue, then consider the following possible causes of an LE error code on a Samsung washing machine:

Using the Incorrect Type or Amount of Detergent

Utilizing the wrong type or amount of detergent in a Samsung washer will lead to increased foaming activity. This, in turn, will lead to a water leak causing an LE error code to appear on your washing machine.

To solve this issue, always use the appropriate detergent for the machine, then drain the dispenser of any extra water. Review the instructions for your washer to be sure you’re using the proper detergent for your machine.

Also, reduce the amount of detergent by half when washing porous or fluffy things. The fibers absorb more water and display more foaming activity, which could result in too much foam in the washer or dispenser and an LE error on your washer’s screen.


The most frequent reason for a leaky Samsung washer is overstuffing. Run your washing machine with no detergent and no clothes or bedding inside to see whether this is the problem. According to logic, if it doesn’t leak, you’ve been overloading it. But if it does, continue reading.

Issues With Drain and Water Supply Hoses

Samsung washer LE error code


Three hoses—one for hot water, one for cold water, and one for draining—are included with the Samsung washer. Check the hoses and replace them if necessary if you notice any leaks while the washing machine is in use.

Checking the connections is the first thing to do if you have washer leaks. Keeping your drain pipe secure and fastened under the sink will prevent leaks from occurring during the spin cycle. The water supply hose may need to be replaced if the washer leaks from the back or fills with water.

Issues With Water Supply Valves

Verify that the water supply valves on your washer are secure on the appliance’s rear. Is anything damaged or loose? The valves in your washer control water flow into the machine from the plumbing. Thus, leaks could result if they are damaged. If so, swap them out as soon as possible to prevent potential damage.

Pressure Switch Fault

The washing machine has a safety feature called a pressure switch intended to cut off the water supply when the water level gets too high, preventing an overflow. The pressure switch is connected to an air tube running alongside the tub that, when activated, opens a small valve.

Air enters the pipe when the water level reaches a specified height, which switches the switch’s position and stops the water flow.

A faulty pressure switch might cause a washer tub to overflow and trigger the Samsung washer LE error code. For this reason, you should obtain a new pressure switch and replace the damaged one. But before acquiring a new switch, there are two things you should check first.  Check to see any cracks or tears in the air pipe first. Next, see if the pressure switch needs to be repaired.

Blocked Dispenser

Detergent that has been added in excess or that is too thick can clog the dispenser drawer and lead to water leaks. Clean the dispenser drawer with hot water and a brush to resolve this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Durable is Samsung Washers?

Any major appliance, such as a washing machine, should generally be replaced after eight years, but with the right care and maintenance, your machine might survive as long as 14 years.

Is it Worthwhile to Fix a Washing Machine that is 7 Years Old?

In general, you should select the repair option if it will cost less than 50% of the cost of a new washing machine. However, it would be best if you also considered the existence of a washer warranty and your financial situation.

Is Samsung a Good Washing Machine Brand?

According to a J.D. Power study on laundry appliances, Samsung front-load washers have the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Yale Appliances and Puls repair technicians have also named Samsung one of the most dependable appliance brands.

Which Washing Machine is Superior, LG or Samsung?

Samsung is a leader in reliable, high-quality washers, as evidenced by its ranking as the #1 in customer satisfaction for front load and top load washers by J.D. Powers in 2020. A more excellent selection of top load options starting at a cheaper price point and more user-friendly features compared to LG are two additional benefits from Samsung.