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Elevating Your Nightstand: Creative Ways to Increase Height

Making a nightstand taller is not an easy job. You will have to make the right adjustments for easy access while avoiding the odd appearance. While people tend to have different preferences of their own nightstands’ height, generally bed stands should be level with your mattress, preferably up to 6 inches taller for optimal functionality.

The good news is that there are various ways to make it tall and improve the overall appearance and even give it a new fancy look.

You can make your nightstand taller by adding small wood blocks, putting the feet bun, and putting a platform. You can also consider placing a thick dowel towel at the top or adding the tapered leg jig to adjust the height of your nightstand. Or even pay a carpenter to lengthen the legs of the nightstand.

How To Make A Nightstand Taller


Increasing the Nightstand Top Height

If the nightstand features a single drawer and underside part, then you have to increase the height. In that case, start by removing the drawer and the top frame by simply unscrewing.

You will have to cut the drawer bar and smooth the corner with filler. Then raise the drawer glide and install a small trimming stick that replicates the groove extension, adjusting the nightstand sides.

Lastly, install the drawer and adjust the top. The drawer underside part will be elevated, where you can put some more items depending on your needs and size.

Put The Feet Bun                     

If you own a master bedroom nightstand, which is not tall enough, then this is probably the most suitable remedy to fix it.

In this case, follow the general rule of thumb; the level should be a bit high from your mattress or 3-6 inches above.

If the nightstand does not have any bottom support, you can still allow adjusting bun feet. You can purchase it from any home depot, but you’ll have to buy those that match its style. Then resolve it with a screw.

The process is not time-consuming and you’ll be done in about 4-5 minutes. You might want to finish up by painting it with a suitable color that’s compatible with it.

Installing the Caster

This is probably the best idea for those looking to elevate the end table as it gives the new vintage furniture style. The main advantage is that you can roll your bedside table depending on your needs.

The process requires some tools like a cordless drill, drill bit with suitable size requirements, and brass caster for every leg. To start the process, put the nightstand upside down at a smooth surface and mark the area where you drill the hole where the caster screw can fit.

You will have to create the pilot as well as a large hole and then tighten the caster. The whole process should take you about 30-46 minutes.

Put Small Wood Blocks

The next method involves using fine properly sized wood blocks. Grab the plain wood and cut it into four suitable blocks. Make sure the woodblocks can easily fit your nightstand. The method is particularly the best when there’s no other option. It is simple, straightforward, and cost-effective.

Installing the Tapering Leg Jig

With this method, you will need some essential tools and items such as knobs, bolts, toggle clamps, table saw, plywood, drill set, and other accessories.

Start by cutting a plywood piece according to the side-table size. We suggest that you keep your nightstand a bit taller than your bend.

The next thing is to make a shallow groove, where the bolt head cap adjusts with ease. Repeat the same process for the other side.

After that, make some groove with the spiral bit in the shallow so the bolt fits properly. Using the hardware, adjust your table and assemble it. Then place some toggle clamps and make the bolt and screw them.

Check that the bolt is small enough to ensure the safety of your bottom piece. Lastly, install the jig to the miter bar and trim then trim the corners.

Determine the measurements and cut the leg bottom using the saw. Rotate the leg to 90 degrees and cut it again. The process applies to all sides and can help make the perfect tapered leg. However, you will have to take some precautions while screwing. We suggest that you do this by hand, rather than using a drill or fixing tool.

Install the Extra Wood Board under the Top   


In this method, you will have to unscrew the top frame or the potion. To do this, remove the drawers and other accessories from the bedside table. Make some measurements and appropriate dimensions for the new extension. Then make the new layout and design depending on your preferences and construct it.

Attach it to the top frame or portion with the wood or bolts glue. At this point, you can reassemble all the accessories like the drawer top surface. Lastly, you can polish it and paint it depending on your needs.

Put the Thick Dowel Section                         

This is yet another best method to make your nightstand taller. Note that you will have to cover the top with a tray or glass piece.

You can simply attach or fix the thick dowel parts on the edges. If you’re not satisfied with the strength, you can use wood glue or an appropriate screw for the new adjustments.

Paying a Carpenter to lengthen the Legs on the Nightstand

This is also another effective way you could raise your nightstand. It’s likely to be the most expensive option, but it’s probably the most promising way to get exactly what you want.

This is because a carpenter can even add legs onto your nightstand if it does not have any legs, to begin with. The entire process could be custom made and you may not have to build up furniture risers or look for the exact size of the furniture risers.

Moreover, if you’re getting a carpenter involved, they could advise you on how to increase the height of your nightstand and make it look absolutely amazing. This method is the most expensive, but on the bright side, it is the best way to preserve the look of your nightstand so you don’t end up creating any odd appearances.