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Maintaining Glass Light Fixtures for Clear Brilliance

Glass Light Fixtures, Without a doubt, lighting fixtures are fast becoming an essential part of the overall ambiance of different rooms within the house.

From the kitchen, dining area to even the shower room, the various lighting fixtures are an essential aspect in jazzing the overall decor of the whole room. In fact, the lighting fixtures are accessories that help achieve a unified fashion in every homeroom.

However, after a while, homeowners seem to forego routine maintenance and cleanup of lighting fixtures from time to time.

Dust, debris, and even dirt pile up, and your glass light fixture end up looking smeared and less aesthetically appealing. Such pile-up makes the glass light fixtures look foggy, and old not forgetting how much the dust and dirt make the fixtures less efficient.

As such, a key question arises;” ​​​​How To Keep Glass Light Fixture From Getting Foggy”

How To Clean Clear Glass Light Fixtures

Glass Light Fixtures

Cleaning your glass fixtures is not always a straightforward process as most homeowners assume it to be.

You have to consider the delicate glass light fixtures while not forgetting the culprit causing your light fixtures to be foggy. There is dust, dirt, and even grime that accumulates from the fine grease particles within the kitchen.

As such, we have compiled the necessary steps you can take and have all your glass light fixtures looking as good as new. Here is how you can do all this, plus extra maintenance tips for counting on.

Supplies You Will Need

A clean bath towel

Paper towels

Microfiber wipes or duster



Dishwashing soap

Baking soda

A Stepladder

Step 1

For overall safety, it’s wise to start by turning off all the light switches or, if necessary, kill the whole house lightning using the breaker. Again safety first means the stepladder will come in handy when taking out the bulbs or light fixtures. Under no circumstances should you try using a chair since you can quickly lose balance, fall off and injure yourself.

Step 2

Get old newspaper or cardboard and lay them out to catch the falling dirt or debris from the dusting process. This will save you when it comes down to cleaning the floor.

Step 3

Get the stepladder and start removing the bulbs from the glass light fixtures to get them out of the way of the cleanup. Use the clean towel to hold the light bulbs in case the lights were on a while ago. Take note; the light bulbs may be hot.

Step 4

Start by cleaning from the top way-down, especially for hanging glass light fixtures. The dusting is often the first cleanup process to rid the glass light fixtures of dust and other particles found from the ceiling to the fixture chain/cord.

Step 5

Once done with the feather duster, come next to wipe out any remaining dust or debris on the glass part using the microfiber cloth. Be sure to dampen the microfiber cloth in water or vinegar before proceeding to wipe.

If the glass fixture is still dirty, get hold of the rubbing alcohol with some paper towel and get to more cleaning inside the hard-to-reach areas.

Step 6

If there are greasy spots in the glass light fixtures’ crevices, you may still need to do extra cleaning with spot treatment. Mix the baking soda and dish soap and dampen the microfiber towel with the mixture. Wipe down those greasy spots or any other dirty area using the microfiber cloth and then polish them off.

Step 7

After drying, confirm the bulbs for any damage and reassemble them back to the glass light fixtures. Check and ensure the bulbs are also clean, with no fibers or markings on the surface.

How To Clean Different Glass Light Fixtures

While the standard glass light fixture has an easy cleanup process, keeping the different light fixtures from becoming foggy needs extra care. This means each type of light fixture you have may require you to have a different cleanup process for the best results.


Chandeliers can be a tricky glass light fixture to clean up due to the sophisticated design. However, if you have one, be sure to do the following.

Disable each bulb separately. The same goes for each crystal, pendant, or saucer within the chandelier. Place each part in warm, soapy water for easy cleaning, and later on, wipe them gently after the cleanup.

Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe them all down quickly to avoid water spots.

Reassemble each piece

Pendant lights

Similar to chandeliers, pendant lights are other stylish glass light fixtures that can spell cleanup trouble. For these intricate fixtures, you may need to

Wipe down the bulbs, globes, rods, and cables using a damp cloth

Disassemble the spheres and soak in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap


Flushmounts are a relatively easy glass light fixture to clean despite being an intricate fixture. All it takes is removing the top cover, taking out the bulbs, and giving them a proper wipe down. After, clean each part using dry covers to get a crystal clear flush mount.

Can lights

Recessed/LED can light is all the rave with homeowners due to its stylish and aesthetic appeal. For the cleanup, you will need to remove and wipe the can bulbs with a damp cloth. Also, thoroughly use the wet cloth to wipe down the insides of the canister and dry it off using a towel.

Tips On How To Keep Glass Light From Getting Foggy

Glass Light Fixtures

You can still effectively prevent your glass light fixtures from getting foggy before the situation gets out of hand. Here are the tips you can always count on to work beforehand.

Always dust the hanging light fixtures as often as you would the house furniture.

Check for dust and debris on the chains holding your light fixture to eliminate any nasty buildup.

Use an appropriate grease-cutting cleaner to remove splattered grease on glass light fixtures in the kitchen.

Clean your bathroom glass light fixtures as often as the vanity mirror

Dust your outdoor glass light fixtures every two weeks with an extendable feather duster

The Take

Hopefully, how to keep glass light fixtures from getting foggy now seems much lighter of a task than before. We hope the combination of knowledge plus tips will help you enhance the look and ambiance of every glass light fixture in your home.